Tea is for Everyone + tea sampler from Teawala




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Get a copy of  Tea is for Everyone along with a Teawala sampler of 6 beautiful teas (worth HK$155)!

Tea samples included:
White Peony
Ceylon Highlands
Milk Oolong
High Mountain
Yunnan Black
Hand-cut Lemongrass
*Please note in the event we are out of stock on a tea, we may replace it with another one of our farm-sourced teas

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About “Tea is for Everyone”

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world — but how much do you know about this exquisite drink made from the Camellia sinensis plant? And how much do you know about Chinese tea, the original infusion that started it all?

If you’re an English speaker, chances are: not very much, and through no fault of your own. For various reasons (a very real language barrier being one), Chinese tea is treated as a niche category in the English-speaking world instead of the standard-bearer it deserves to be. We’re here to change this once and for all, first by unpeeling the layers of complexity that surround the world of Chinese tea, and then by setting the record straight on some mistranslations and misconceptions that have stuck over the years.

In this book, author Chan Sin Yan dives into everything that’s relevant to Chinese tea: from the history of tea to the tea-making processes that differentiate a wulong from a green tea; from the six main types to the myriad styles of teas available; from famous Chinese tea-growing regions to the latest popular teaware; from food and tea pairing advice to seasonal tea suggestions and brewing etiquette. Readers can also glean straight from the source, as tea makers from across mainland China and Taiwan share their insights on the art and business of producing tea.

Tea is for Everyone aims to bridge that treacherous gap between academic tea literature (much of which is not available in English) and the generic tea “guides” that don’t do tea or Chinese tea any justice. This book is a comprehensive and comprehensible take on a vast and complicated but endlessly fascinating subject.

Tea should be for everyone, after all.