The Onsen Experience: A Guide to Japan’s Hot Spring Sanctuaries


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The Onsen Experience takes a deep dive into the relaxing‭, ‬restorative world of Japanese hot springs‭, covering a tradition-rich‭, ‬wellness-focused topic through beautiful images‭, ‬heartwarming anecdotes‭, ‬and informative explanations‭. ‬

This cross-country travel guide not only showcases many extraordinary hot spring inns throughout Japan‭, ‬but it also covers the history‭, ‬culture and design intentions behind the establishments‭; ‬the meticulous specifications and health implications of each onsen bath‭; ‬and the unique regional culinary delights that are offered on site‭.‬

In this book‭, ‬author Iris Law uses a holistic approach to convey to readers the much revered and incredibly transformative onsen‭ ‬experience‭. ‬In short‭: ‬The Onsen Experience is a definitive guide to the magical Japanese hot spring waters‭, ‬but it is also so much more‭.‬


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